Thursday, March 5, 2009



TELL ME THIS A RUMOR! omgosh but i dont think it is. This chic has officially stolen my man for good if this is true! ahhh! omgosh. well i guess i cant blame her, cuz we all kno he's head over hills in love with her. like the whole abuse thing or w/e, u kno wat they say. Love makes you do crazy things. So i hear Rhianna believes in fairy tales, and she hopes that is how her & Chris' marriage will be.

LET ME STOP BEIN A CB GROUPIE & QUIT HATIN! i wish them the best if they are getting married. But Rhianna better keep that boy on a lesh and watch him cuz i'll be waiting lol jkk

i know its some other CHRIS BROWN fanatics out there! lol

soo in other news, i dnt want 2 make this a long entry although i should since i havent updated in a min, but i have been reading my usual sites that i follow & commenting, and i would love if ppl could do the same.

DId anyone see the premiere of TOp Model last nitte! hott mess if u ask me! But im rooting for Sandra so far! shes a conceited African lol (no offense ppl) jus like me! or so i've been told (total jks im not conceited) but shes there for the competition lol i dnt blame her!! oooh and soo my friend bought Zane Sex Chronicles the other day & she read it, & she said it was garbage, jus good if u only want the freaky stuff, but it had no plot or story line the Sista Soulja's The Coldest Winter Ever.
But, im on the lookout for this old book, Confessions of a Video Vixen Karrine Steffans
and this hottt new book Midnight by Sista Soulja

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