Saturday, January 31, 2009

new wants

i want this!

The Hundreds x New Era Summer 2008 59/Fifty Fitteds
(i kno theyre old but i luv tat pink & green one)


Contrast Metal Wreath Earrings

Friday, January 30, 2009


I WANT 2 BE THE NEXT Tanika Ray!!

haha! seriously tho i do. My career plan is to be a Media Personality! I would say i want to be the next Ryan Secrest but he's a dude, so i say Tanika becuz i love her. She does her job well. She's worked on Extra and CW Now. Those are like my Dream Jobs! + being the host of American Idol! =)

i've just been trying to find what schools (universities/colleges) are best for a major in broadcast journalism and communications.

I want to go to USC, UCLA, UC BERKELY, OR STANFORD. which they are good becuz they're all in California. But i really want 2 go to a school that best fits my career.

Just random thoughts at 12:31 am


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sick DAY; sry shud've updated sooner

soo i was reallly sick today; like gross sick
throwing up && sum else tats 2 gross 2 mention
but now i feel better.
it was becuz i ate soo much yesterday.
-12 honey bbq wings
-2 baked wings
-angel hair noodles
--roman noodles
-fruit snacks
-&& a bunch more junk
i stayed home frm skool 2day, but nothing happened
so i didnt miss anything, but i still hate missing skool.
which i've been missing a lot of lately. i really dnt wana
get behind in my classes, so im trying 2 keep up.

lAST nite was funny tho, i was on 3way calling w/
2 of my homies and was hysterically laughing, omg
had me dying laughing. Gotta love those guys, ahhaa

SOO my new dnt like person is Tyler (Gerrens friend) shes completely breaking the girl code
everybody kno Gerren still aint ova Moriah (tats an issue but w/e)! & her "friend" should understand that!! New boy is kinda kute, i 4got his name, but tha one who had the kick back. but Treson gotta go, (im not a big fan of supa swole dudes) & he is much too big for Aunjel. && i really feel bad for Stacey. i hope she gets better. OMG I LOOVE JUSTIN!! (godly + sexy= yum) and Seiko still my G too.

if u watch Baldwin Hills comment & let me no watchu thought about tha season kick off.

update later w/ my shopping wants. i had a lot of time 2
think about that 2day

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thank God 4 Obama

SOO, today is one of the best days, i think i have seen so far in my lifetime. I woke up this moring and quickly turned on the TV to channel 7, awaiting the FiRST AFRICAN AMERICAN PRESIDENTIAL INAUGURATION OF BARACK H. OBAMA! I couldnt be moore proud? When i saw someone who looked like me getting sworn in in Washington, everything froze for a minute. Everything Martin Luther King dreamed for was a reality 100 sum years later. Look were we as a people have come. 2009 marks a new begining for all. Although this is a very important day for African Americans, lets not forget that we were not the only ones who have brought Obama here, but for all people. In the words of Barack Obama, "its not just a Black America, Hispanic America, or Asia America but the United States of America." United we stand and Divided we fall. Barack has given the nation hope, that some thought we would never see. To all my fellow Americans, we have to get up and get out and do something to help this nation and 2 help eachother. Beginning right in our own community. Barack has definately given hope to young black males. Where in our african american community we struggle most. We have to let them no that they can do something w/ there lives instead of hustling, u knoo. Not 2 sterotype, because i know there not all like that. but 4 some that is really what they believe.

Fortunately, for us young women, we have the beautiful, intelligent, Michelle Obama 2 inspire us as well.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Stressing Out; From Slacking Off



im finally wearing that cardign i showed b4!

HOLA! ok soo, i havent updated in 2 days becuz i have been either studying, doing homeork or slacking off watching Gossip Girls, 90210, and True Beauty. Last nitee i was going to update, but i ended up falling alsleep on Privileged lol ANYWHOO, besides that i have finals Thursday && Friday, so i have been studying very hard trying to figure everything out so that my grades will still be looking good by report cards. The semester ends next friday & im trying 2 bring all my grades up. i gotta keep that 4.2 GPA, or push it higher ya digg. && rite now Spanish is NOT looking good 4 me.

As far as T.V. is it just me or did Chuck's uncle need his butt whopped! how he gon do that 2 his own nephew, i mean degg tho has Chuck ever heard of locking the door, knowin he got hoes & drugs in his office! lol & wat about that lil asian chick who stole Dans fone & those otha 3 amiga hoes who tellin gossip girl all da bizness!! -Gossip Girls

the parents ought 2 be ashmed of them selves, in tha back of tha car & how Ethan gon see his principal? lmfaoo -90210

its been FREEZING, here in Chicago lately so i've been wearing nothing but sweaters, cardigns, and layers. im not trying to catch a cold, tryin 2 look "kute" in -9 degree weather. ya feel me.

soo i'll prob update later

toodles! =)


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Picture This*

A Pictured BLOG!

Todays Outfit*




Together =)

My New Sneakz*

2mrws outfit inspiration: Nik Richie

Click 2 enlarge^


Saturday, January 10, 2009

In The House Saturday..ooh joy

Saturday Blues...

Please excuse the sarcasm of my title, but today has been a short, never-ending, boring day unfortunately. I woke up late, I didn't get my hair done like i was suppose to, and i didn't do much. I did get 2 catch up on my favorite show "THE GAME," let me tell u, if you don't watch it, then u need 2 start becuz it is the BOMB. for realzz! So i watched episode 311, & i wanted to slap Kelly!! tell me if a Millionaire ex brings three cars: Bentley, Lamborghini, and ferrari and tells you to choose, and has them full of Prada, Tiffanys, & Gucci you gon turn him down? She a hott mess for that one!! LOL =)

So i also did some random internet searching and read some kool blogs, i probably clicked follow on them. So today wasn't all that bad. Now its 12:33am here && i'm still awake. My 2 sisters drive back to school tomorrow despite the horrible weather, so help me pray for them!

soo im still "web surfing" probably edit later, cuz i always remember something later..

I said i was guna be baq & this time it was evn quicker. So i wanted to show evrybody my Style Guide becuz i also updated it today. i just took still pictures. Maybe i'll do a video 2nite later, but im not looking up 2 par rite now, i mean its midnight. i dnt feel like getting jazzy. But here it is! BTW i loove the polk-a-dots binder. its form Borders.

Bascially a look book or Style Guide as i call mine. is just a bunch of pictures that gives me inspiration for outfits or makeup or w/e that i see that i think looks cute. i get them from varies magazines. Essence, Teen Vogue, Seventeen, Cosmo Girl, Elle, Elle Girl, Vogue, Glamour, Redbook etc... I reccommend everybody to have one, it gives you something productive to do in spare time.

Sorry im looking madd bummy! LOL its late!

Front, I looove those polk-a-dots!

Wen you first open the book. i did a little collage. Thats Tocarra from ANTM on the right. she looks fierce!!
I also keep a scrap box that i have words, and cut outs in, for collage purposes. (it seems like i have alot of time on my hands lol but i actually dont!)

This is a random page in the binder. but it gives u the feel of whats in the book. jus numerous pages of great outfits, colors, and styles of spring, summer, winter, or fall.
Each page is slipped into transparent cover, to protect them from falling out.

So i guess i'll do updates on my Style Guide too from now on! =) Tell me what you think && make requests!


Friday, January 9, 2009

EDiT <3

Highschool Babe
HEYY HEYYy, okkay so todayy was funn! Another typical Highschool chill day LOL. I had updated earlier during school, but now i have finally got home. I have finals coming up so i was in the library trying to study, & wat nots, but after school me & my friends went 2 tha basketball game & was dyin laughin having to much fun! We left early & went to dinner at CHicagos Rosscoes Chicken & Waffles! It was good. i had fried chicken wings and collard greens, red beans & rice, and mac & cheese & cornbread. it was fye! soo good. so ppl if u live near a Rosscoes definately hit that up. Now its not better than yo mamas cookin but its gettin there! lol =)

It is snowing ridiculously here, but its winter so wateva, now i can wear my boots. i did notice that i need to invest in some rain boots cuz they work for snow as well && i love the pretty patterns.

2MRW! trying to get my hair done, perm day. Now let me tell you my opinion on perms. they are HORRIBLE for your hair. but with my hair type, i jus dont know if i could let it go natural because it would be so much maintenace && work. Yet i do tend to like alot of natural styles. My sister went natural about a good couple years now, and although it has its cute days, most of them are rough days. SOO unfortunately, i still have a perm. i like straight hair & curly hair. so i can wear it both ways with a perm. it also goes with so many different outfits too.

SO as far as the fashion club goes, we delayed it another 2 weeks becuz, we didnt have a chance to really get the word out && put up posters. SO we spent the first day doing that. & we put our ideas on paper and came up with some HOTT ideas. So i'll keep you posted on that & maybe i'll put a pik of the poster i designed so you can tell me what you think.


include a cardigain from XXI and Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Appletini Shimmer Mist, and Beauty Rush Luminous shawdows in Deja Blue, and Copper Feel. I didnt get 2 take piks but i found some on the internet. && Also im going to put up the Christmas gifts from my besties Rae, and Peyton.

Really Cute i loove it!

My Christmas Gifts! Rae got me the princess necklace from Metro Park && Peyton got me the Betsey Johnson Purse (tat i love)

gotta luv them? arent they cute? tell me wat u think! ; )


Lunch Time*

Heyy heyy,
im blogging at lunch cuz im bored, its snowing outside, so noones here to eat lunch with. I was up so late last nite doing homework again so i didnt get a chance to blog.

SO i wanted to update you all on the fashion club that i started, but i dont have that much time left.

updatte more later..toodles


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Into to the page

Random Thoughts 4 now @ 1:36am

My little sister just pissed me off. i didnt want to begin the site ranting and raving on how horrible she acts, but as i was creating the site i wanted to add my new favorite picture to it. when i looked on MY memory card (tat i had let her use 2 take some other pictures on) it was no longer there amoungst that missing my videos for youtube are missing and alotta of other pics i really liked. whats left? jus hidieous piktures of herself & others that i can care less about simply because that was my memory card which i should be able to have my own pictures on. im highly pissed off. they were so pretty & w/o makeup. i really wanted to make it my profile picture. i officially cant stand her for the rest of forever & i dont plan on letting he ruse anything else.

I missed skool today, ughhh and i had 2 unfortunately stay home w/ her. Goshh but 2mrw im going to skool. i shud be typing my hmwrk but i just dont feel like it. i dont kno why but i havent really been myself lately, idk maybe its the new year. im trying to start it off different.
1) not talking about ppl (i tend to do 2 much)
2) cut some bad influences off
3) get mor focused on my school work
4) not talking to any B.S. dudes anymore
5) have more ME time (which im finding is the hardest thing to do these days...?

well theres so little time and so much to doo
i hope ppl will eventually find my blog intersting, wen i finally get around to it
i shud tho becuz 2mrw is the first day of my club called TREND SETTAS!

oh btw if ppl think my layout is stolen, its not, its still by mee. i own the other site, as well but becuz its soo much bigger, its my vacation site, but for now becuz of skool i only have time 2 blog.

check out some kool blogs that i will post on the sidebar!

<33 Livin in tha cityy

nite <33