Sunday, May 3, 2009


Kind Of...

I still haven't gotten a camera..well i still need 2 pick it up. It past spring break. The video from last post was one of the crazyy nites I had in my hotel room. It was a party every nite & i snuck 2 record what was going down. i have more crazy videos that i will post later. Anywhoo.. i want 2 cut my hair. Its so damaged so i figured this is the best way 2 just start over. I've tried everything. Aphogee & all.! lol

1). The Rhianna. Altho i dnt care much 4 her, her hair cut is bomb. BTW i hope evryone has heard T.i. ft Chris Brown new song, called Don't Matter! im glad 2 hear frm CB again. I was missin him! =)

2). The Eva look! Not only is she my role model, she is goregous && i have always looved her hair.

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