Friday, August 28, 2009

Shopping Outcomes


sooo it turns out we didnt go dwntwn, we just went up north 2 a store called MANDEE tat i lovvee. so i didnt get my Hello Kitty sweat shirt yett..but i will soon. i got these kute items, i wanted more but its not my bdayy so i atleast husteled 2 into tha deal lol! ; )

soo i got this hugee v-neck white shirt but the way its madee is soo kool it has like this flowing look & its long enough 2 wear as a dress or a shirt! its soo kutee.

&& this vest like grey flowingg top with pockets tat falls soo beautifully. its ahdorable, i can see it with a big black waist belt or anythingg. its too kutee!

---Check out these hott shoes my ma got frm DSW!!

hott..?! ikr!

Later that on last nitte i grabed sum CHipotlee my favv! Fajita Chicken Burritoo!

Thats all folks 4 noww

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