Saturday, September 19, 2009

Shawtyy got tat swagg

Drowning In Homework!

yess indeed; soo i had 2 re-do annotations for AP LANG & COMP, WRITE 2 ESSAYS 4 TAT CLASS TOO. then i have 2 do my AP GOV & Politics JOurnall w/ee UGHH tat class is a drag! i thought it would be fun, but i guess gov & politics arent my cup of Tea! um so yeaa tats preety much my whole weekend. I wana watch the Beloved movie. Its probably really good. My sis said i've seen it b4 but i dnt remember. Man i hope my grades stay good. that progress report has 2 be spotless! && i've been thinking of CRAZZYY thangs 2 do 4 Homecoming spirit week & Homecoming dancee! im goin all out. my outfitss are gunna be crazay. im alreadyy shopping. My dance outfit espp is deff guna be RiskAY! LOL ! ;) umm. yeaa soo i luv soulja boyy, but his twitter updatess are irritatingg me. on the bright sidee Chris Breezzyy has the best twitter updatess ivee evrr readd ahah ! i jus luvv him!. he posted this pik of him in the orange and yellow communtiy service vestt. i woulda stopped on the side of the road likee ayyyeee shawwtyy shawttyyy u finnee denn mugg boyy! hahah yeeaa im tweakinn rite now ! cuz ive had lil 2 noo free time thanx 2 school.

why does it seem like every couple of weeks my top 10 college list change?
1) F.I.T! (app started =] )
2)POMONA (workinn on thru Posse! i hope i get it!)
3)UPENN (app started =])
4)UCLA (need 2 start)
5)DREXEL (need 2 start)
6)USC (waitin 4 ACT new scores)
7)UC BERKELEY (waitin 4 ACT new scores)
8)COLUMBIA (waitin 2 new ACT scores)
....idkk i cant think of the rest?

anyywhoo boredd den tat thingg, my ma watchin Carrie 2 in tha bckgrd lol..i guess i'll go finish my hmwrkk! ooh i think im guna do my nails in a min & take pikss of tat Lawwd knos i need 2! =)



  1. dont limit yourself
    && i really want you to apply early to Penn
    but i see you got the Pomona thing going on
    just make sure you apply to penn

    && a tip on the college essays...
    schools dont JUST wanna hear that they're awesome, they wanna hear about you and why you and their school are perfect for each other

    you can talk about research opportunities that the school has for you, professional goals, even an interest for courses (just a thought)