Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thank God 4 Obama

SOO, today is one of the best days, i think i have seen so far in my lifetime. I woke up this moring and quickly turned on the TV to channel 7, awaiting the FiRST AFRICAN AMERICAN PRESIDENTIAL INAUGURATION OF BARACK H. OBAMA! I couldnt be moore proud? When i saw someone who looked like me getting sworn in in Washington, everything froze for a minute. Everything Martin Luther King dreamed for was a reality 100 sum years later. Look were we as a people have come. 2009 marks a new begining for all. Although this is a very important day for African Americans, lets not forget that we were not the only ones who have brought Obama here, but for all people. In the words of Barack Obama, "its not just a Black America, Hispanic America, or Asia America but the United States of America." United we stand and Divided we fall. Barack has given the nation hope, that some thought we would never see. To all my fellow Americans, we have to get up and get out and do something to help this nation and 2 help eachother. Beginning right in our own community. Barack has definately given hope to young black males. Where in our african american community we struggle most. We have to let them no that they can do something w/ there lives instead of hustling, u knoo. Not 2 sterotype, because i know there not all like that. but 4 some that is really what they believe.

Fortunately, for us young women, we have the beautiful, intelligent, Michelle Obama 2 inspire us as well.


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  1. i believe this is late.
    but i also believe in obama.
    &felt it necessary to comment.

    *yes we can.