Wednesday, January 7, 2009

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Random Thoughts 4 now @ 1:36am

My little sister just pissed me off. i didnt want to begin the site ranting and raving on how horrible she acts, but as i was creating the site i wanted to add my new favorite picture to it. when i looked on MY memory card (tat i had let her use 2 take some other pictures on) it was no longer there amoungst that missing my videos for youtube are missing and alotta of other pics i really liked. whats left? jus hidieous piktures of herself & others that i can care less about simply because that was my memory card which i should be able to have my own pictures on. im highly pissed off. they were so pretty & w/o makeup. i really wanted to make it my profile picture. i officially cant stand her for the rest of forever & i dont plan on letting he ruse anything else.

I missed skool today, ughhh and i had 2 unfortunately stay home w/ her. Goshh but 2mrw im going to skool. i shud be typing my hmwrk but i just dont feel like it. i dont kno why but i havent really been myself lately, idk maybe its the new year. im trying to start it off different.
1) not talking about ppl (i tend to do 2 much)
2) cut some bad influences off
3) get mor focused on my school work
4) not talking to any B.S. dudes anymore
5) have more ME time (which im finding is the hardest thing to do these days...?

well theres so little time and so much to doo
i hope ppl will eventually find my blog intersting, wen i finally get around to it
i shud tho becuz 2mrw is the first day of my club called TREND SETTAS!

oh btw if ppl think my layout is stolen, its not, its still by mee. i own the other site, as well but becuz its soo much bigger, its my vacation site, but for now becuz of skool i only have time 2 blog.

check out some kool blogs that i will post on the sidebar!

<33 Livin in tha cityy

nite <33

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