Saturday, January 10, 2009

In The House Saturday..ooh joy

Saturday Blues...

Please excuse the sarcasm of my title, but today has been a short, never-ending, boring day unfortunately. I woke up late, I didn't get my hair done like i was suppose to, and i didn't do much. I did get 2 catch up on my favorite show "THE GAME," let me tell u, if you don't watch it, then u need 2 start becuz it is the BOMB. for realzz! So i watched episode 311, & i wanted to slap Kelly!! tell me if a Millionaire ex brings three cars: Bentley, Lamborghini, and ferrari and tells you to choose, and has them full of Prada, Tiffanys, & Gucci you gon turn him down? She a hott mess for that one!! LOL =)

So i also did some random internet searching and read some kool blogs, i probably clicked follow on them. So today wasn't all that bad. Now its 12:33am here && i'm still awake. My 2 sisters drive back to school tomorrow despite the horrible weather, so help me pray for them!

soo im still "web surfing" probably edit later, cuz i always remember something later..

I said i was guna be baq & this time it was evn quicker. So i wanted to show evrybody my Style Guide becuz i also updated it today. i just took still pictures. Maybe i'll do a video 2nite later, but im not looking up 2 par rite now, i mean its midnight. i dnt feel like getting jazzy. But here it is! BTW i loove the polk-a-dots binder. its form Borders.

Bascially a look book or Style Guide as i call mine. is just a bunch of pictures that gives me inspiration for outfits or makeup or w/e that i see that i think looks cute. i get them from varies magazines. Essence, Teen Vogue, Seventeen, Cosmo Girl, Elle, Elle Girl, Vogue, Glamour, Redbook etc... I reccommend everybody to have one, it gives you something productive to do in spare time.

Sorry im looking madd bummy! LOL its late!

Front, I looove those polk-a-dots!

Wen you first open the book. i did a little collage. Thats Tocarra from ANTM on the right. she looks fierce!!
I also keep a scrap box that i have words, and cut outs in, for collage purposes. (it seems like i have alot of time on my hands lol but i actually dont!)

This is a random page in the binder. but it gives u the feel of whats in the book. jus numerous pages of great outfits, colors, and styles of spring, summer, winter, or fall.
Each page is slipped into transparent cover, to protect them from falling out.

So i guess i'll do updates on my Style Guide too from now on! =) Tell me what you think && make requests!


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  1. So.. You and I are extremely alike in so many ways!! I love your blog!! Keep it coming! You are creative, cute, and super fashionable. I must say, you are truelly an inspiration.

    Keep them coming =).