Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Stressing Out; From Slacking Off



im finally wearing that cardign i showed b4!

HOLA! ok soo, i havent updated in 2 days becuz i have been either studying, doing homeork or slacking off watching Gossip Girls, 90210, and True Beauty. Last nitee i was going to update, but i ended up falling alsleep on Privileged lol ANYWHOO, besides that i have finals Thursday && Friday, so i have been studying very hard trying to figure everything out so that my grades will still be looking good by report cards. The semester ends next friday & im trying 2 bring all my grades up. i gotta keep that 4.2 GPA, or push it higher ya digg. && rite now Spanish is NOT looking good 4 me.

As far as T.V. is it just me or did Chuck's uncle need his butt whopped! how he gon do that 2 his own nephew, i mean degg tho has Chuck ever heard of locking the door, knowin he got hoes & drugs in his office! lol & wat about that lil asian chick who stole Dans fone & those otha 3 amiga hoes who tellin gossip girl all da bizness!! -Gossip Girls

the parents ought 2 be ashmed of them selves, in tha back of tha car & how Ethan gon see his principal? lmfaoo -90210

its been FREEZING, here in Chicago lately so i've been wearing nothing but sweaters, cardigns, and layers. im not trying to catch a cold, tryin 2 look "kute" in -9 degree weather. ya feel me.

soo i'll prob update later

toodles! =)


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