Friday, January 9, 2009

EDiT <3

Highschool Babe
HEYY HEYYy, okkay so todayy was funn! Another typical Highschool chill day LOL. I had updated earlier during school, but now i have finally got home. I have finals coming up so i was in the library trying to study, & wat nots, but after school me & my friends went 2 tha basketball game & was dyin laughin having to much fun! We left early & went to dinner at CHicagos Rosscoes Chicken & Waffles! It was good. i had fried chicken wings and collard greens, red beans & rice, and mac & cheese & cornbread. it was fye! soo good. so ppl if u live near a Rosscoes definately hit that up. Now its not better than yo mamas cookin but its gettin there! lol =)

It is snowing ridiculously here, but its winter so wateva, now i can wear my boots. i did notice that i need to invest in some rain boots cuz they work for snow as well && i love the pretty patterns.

2MRW! trying to get my hair done, perm day. Now let me tell you my opinion on perms. they are HORRIBLE for your hair. but with my hair type, i jus dont know if i could let it go natural because it would be so much maintenace && work. Yet i do tend to like alot of natural styles. My sister went natural about a good couple years now, and although it has its cute days, most of them are rough days. SOO unfortunately, i still have a perm. i like straight hair & curly hair. so i can wear it both ways with a perm. it also goes with so many different outfits too.

SO as far as the fashion club goes, we delayed it another 2 weeks becuz, we didnt have a chance to really get the word out && put up posters. SO we spent the first day doing that. & we put our ideas on paper and came up with some HOTT ideas. So i'll keep you posted on that & maybe i'll put a pik of the poster i designed so you can tell me what you think.


include a cardigain from XXI and Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Appletini Shimmer Mist, and Beauty Rush Luminous shawdows in Deja Blue, and Copper Feel. I didnt get 2 take piks but i found some on the internet. && Also im going to put up the Christmas gifts from my besties Rae, and Peyton.

Really Cute i loove it!

My Christmas Gifts! Rae got me the princess necklace from Metro Park && Peyton got me the Betsey Johnson Purse (tat i love)

gotta luv them? arent they cute? tell me wat u think! ; )